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...Now with Special “Guineafowl” Additive.

(Photo taken a few years ago at Goose at the Gate Pottery, during a Hank Murrow workshop I attended there.)


Most of the pages here are primarily historical, in the sense that I haven’t had time to update them in a while. I’m working on that, but it’s a slow process. If you want to see recent projects, most of them are on my research pages.

The Joss Research Institute is, alas, defunct, but I maintain an archive. Please note, if you want to reach me, the physical address that I list on the archived pages is out of date. The email address, however, should work for the foreseeable future. If it fails, you can try the one I list (in mildly encrypted form) below.

Some Personal Interests:

I have too many to cover properly; here are pages about some of them:

...And, of course, reading; but that goes without saying.

I also have an area that is not actually an interest, but is certainly a burden: Attention Deficit [Hyperactivity] Disorder (This one is now seriously out of date, and I hope I will be able to find some time to work on it. Eventually. When I remember.)

Journals and Reports:

I maintain two or three journals, for different purposes; the one that is most active, at least as of early 2013, is either my LiveJournal, or my DreamWidth journal. (They carry identical content.)

The one that concerns itself mostly with the details and results of my work is a haphazard and occasional journal here, called Broadside. I haven’t posted to it lately [I am writing this during early February of 2013], but that’s because for the past 13 years I was far too busy with the Joss Research Institute. I hope to resume posting to it fairly soon.


I had an article in the December, 2004 issue of Studio Potter, about copying one of the Song dynasty Chinese glazes, and another in the May-June, 2005 issue of Clay Times, about fluorescent glazes. I had another article in Studio Potter, about the burner I built for my gas test kiln (you can find information about it in the Joss Research archives), and yet another about one of my Rutile Blue glazes. More recently, I had an article about the colloidal copper and gold pigments in the high fire, which appeared in Issue 35 of Ceramics Technical Magazine.

Contact Information:

Email: a@b.tla, where "a" is replaced by my first name [see above; only 3 letters], "b" is replaced by a combination of my first name and my last name [a total of 9 letters], and "tla" is replaced by the typical abbreviation for an organization that is not commercial. (Thanks to Shannon K. E. Smith for this anti-’bot method.)

My phone number is +1 240 604 4495.

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