Welcome to Jon Singer’s Mirror of his Joss Research Institute pages.

The Joss Research Institute is [was] a scientific and technical research organization whose mission is to conduct innovative research, primarily in the fields of ceramics, ceramic coatings and glazes, optical coatings, and lasers and their applications.

In general, JRI’s three main goals are:

Links to Work Areas:

Current projects include --

Please note: I am continuing work on various of these projects on my own. Please see my research pages for writeups.

This work was originally supported by
the Joss Research Institute
[formerly at 19 Main St.
Laurel  MD  20707-4303   USA]

Contact Information

Email: a@b.com, where you can replace b with joss, and a with my first name (no “h”; only 3 letters, as it appears in the URL).

My phone number is +1 240 604 4495.

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